Brought home gold from Tokyo, Barcelona and Rome.

Left her heart in St. Louis.

It’s home to world-class cultural museums, jazz cl­ubs, restaurants and attractions. And it’s still the hometown of a world-class Olympic Gold medalist. From the African American lifestyle to our culture and family-friendly fun, witness why Jackie Joyner Kersee has kept those six medals secure in St. Lou. Get the 411 on the 314!

Bring the whole family–except for that uncle who likes to “Co-ordinate.”

Make it a family weekend mini vacation. From Six Flags to the City Museum, the Zoo to the St. Louis African Arts Festival, your family will be overloaded with fun.

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Make it a weekend for lovers–Horns, brass and piano lovers.

Whether a local artist’s rendition of “So What” or an original of “Cherokee,” you know the great ones never play that lick the same way twice. And depending on your mood for carry-out or sit-down, the banana pudding at Sweetie Pie’s is only on the menu twice a week. Whatever your attraction, it’s how we do St. Lou, and we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss a thang!

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We’re artistic educators. Creative expressionists. And outright lovers of black culture.

Explore the stories of influential African Americans through art, artifacts and memorabilia at the Griot Museum. Or celebrate the 35th anniversary of the nation’s largest professional African-American theatre company, The Black Rep. Our bits and pieces of African American culture will make you proud. We know, because a part of you is already here!

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